As we’ve mentioned on several occasions, Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world by tourists. Why is this? Well, for a number of reasons. Spain is a geographically privileged country, possessing a relatively mild climate and miles and miles of beaches. As a result of its climate, it’s possible to grow a great deal of crops essentially making Spain Europe’s garden. Naturally, these fresh fruits and vegetables are the basis on which the mediterranean diet is based — a diet which has placed Spain on the world map gastronomically. These elements, along with unique culture, architecture, history, and so on, are what have made the country so appetizing to tourists.

But what about music? Most people are familiar with Spain’s flamenco music and dancing, but what else is going on in the country musically? Although Madrid does not have much of a scene for local bands, due to the fact that it is a big city, there are typically a fair amount of concerts throughout the year, both by Spanish and international artists. The large population in and around the capital and the abundance of venues where concerts can be held result in a long list of concerts being put on in 2015. So who’s performing? Let’s have a look…

Maroon 5


American Acts in Madrid

Having already been announced months back, 2015 will see the return to Spain of the American pop/rock group Maroon 5. A much awaited concert, the band is scheduled to play in both Barcelona and Madrid, the 14th and 15th of June, respectively. An internationally successful act, Maroon 5 — who have had hits such as “This Love” and “Moves like Jagger” — will be presenting their fifth studio album, which is entitled “V”. Released in the fall, it contains the singles “Maps” and “Animals”, both of which have been in the Billboard top ten. The Madrid show will take place at the Barclaycard Center (former Palacio de los Deportes) at 9:15pm on June 15th. Tickets start at around 60€.

Another show that’s on this summer by an American band is none other than the 40th anniversary tour of Kiss. The legendary band that brought you hits like “Rock and Roll All Nite” will be performing on June 22nd — also at the Barclaycard Center — with tickets also running about 60€.


Palacio de los Deportes


Spanish Artists in Madrid

As far as national acts are concerned, many of the big names in Spanish pop and pop/rock will be performing in Madrid in 2015. As is usually the case, the spring and summer months will see a majority of the artists who will be performing. Starting in May, one of the first to start things off is none other than Melendi. Having risen to fame some ten years ago, this singer is back and will be presenting his seventh studio album, entitled “Un Alumno Más”. The concert will take place at the Barclaycard Center on the 8th of May with tickets at around 30€.

Another big name in Spanish pop to be coming to Madrid is Pablo Alborán, who will be doing so two nights in June, the 12th and 13th, to be exact. This malagueño will be presenting his third studio album, “Terral”, following the success of his previous two albums which have placed him at the forefront of the Spanish pop scene. The shows will take place at Las Ventas — Madrid’s bullring — with tickets also at about 30€.


Its Still Early

Although a fair amount of concerts are already slated for the year, it’s still very early and there are bound to be many more names and dates to be set in the following months. Keep your eyes peeled to see what shows may be confirmed for 2015.