Madrid is world-famous for many things: food, nightlife, art, fashion, and much more. Chances are, however, that you haven’t heard much about the city’s music scene. When compared to other capitals, it is true that Madrid may not quite measure up; after all, it’s not New York or London. However, different from some other North American and European cities, you have access to a lot of acts that otherwise you might never see. Also, Madrid is home to a modest amount of live music venues where you can certainly spend an enjoyable evening seeing local and regional acts, as well. So, once you make it to Madrid, be sure to take a look at what concerts are happening so you don’t miss any of your favorite artists.

Madrid's Music Scene

Madrid Big Names

By far, the best thing about the music scene in Madrid is the amount of performances put on every year by Spanish and international artists. Many of the big names in rock,  popular music, and other genres make a stopover in Spain’s capital as part of world tours supporting their most recent albums. In the next several months, Madrid is due to host big names such as Pharrell Williams, Kylie Minogue, Malú, Onerepublic, James Blunt, Maroon5, and Katy Perry among others, the venues for which are typically the Barclaycard Center (former Palacio de Deportes), el Estadio Vicente Calderón, el Círculo de Bellas Artes, and El Teatro Circo Price.

In order to stay up on what groups and artists are coming — and of course, where they will be performing, the best thing to do is take a look at the Internet. Pages such as,, and, in an effort to sell tickets of course, always have a list of who’s coming to town. You’ll also notice the many posters that often line the streets of Madrid announcing future shows.


Lesser Known Artists

In addition to the big name acts that come every year, Madrid also hosts a great deal of concerts for artists who are lesser known in Spain, although not necessarily less famous internationally or less talented. This is particularly the case when dealing with music genres that are not popular with the general public. It’s not unusual to see a famous jazz musician or legendary salsa singer perform in a small venue some off-night during the week. In many cases, such performances make up part of festivals which take place throughout the year, although there is always the possibility of it being a stand-alone event. Typically such events are not so well-publicized, so the best way to stay on top of them is to check artists’ websites and the venues that support the genres of music you prefer.

Sala Galileo Madrid

Local Music in Madrid

As we mentioned before, although not the best local music scene in Europe, Madrid does have a few live music venues. Some of the most well known are Sala Galileo Galilei, Sala Clamores, Sala Caracol, El Junco, and Café Central. At these venues you can hear a wide variety of music styles, whether it be singer-songwriter material, jazz, blues, or even experimental music. The best part about these types of places is the fact that there are often concerts every night of the week, so any time you have a free evening you can catch a show.

Before you come to Madrid, then, be sure to save up your money for concert tickets and take a look at who’s playing while you’re here. You may just have the chance to see the concert of a lifetime!