How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Have you managed to lose those extra pounds that you’ve been carrying around since Thanksgiving? Chances are your good intentions have buckled under the weight of that busy schedule you have got. Or on the contrary, perhaps you have managed to start going to gym regularly. Whatever the case may be, once the springtime rolls around, you definitely won’t want to spend your free time stuck in some stuffy gym. So how can you stay active while enjoying the outdoors a bit. If you’re not interested in taking up running, have you thought about skating?

Skating in Retiro


Taking It Back

Chances are that when you were a kid you learned how to skate in some way, shape, or form. Who didn’t have those plastic Fisher-Price skates that you put on over your real shoes, right? Or who doesn’t remember going to the skating rink when they were in elementary school for a skating party? Whatever your experience was as a child, you probably had the chance to skate a least a bit. The question is, then, “How long has it been? Do you still remember? Well, there’s only one way to find out…


Take Some Classes

If you’re thinking of getting back into skating — or at least giving it a try — now is the time. Skating is becoming more and more popular in Madrid and there is an ever-increasing number of people who do it, as well as classes and group activities. What better way to get some exercise and socialize while being outdoors and enjoying the weather (at least when it’s nice). Chances are that, even if you know how to skate, you’ll need a hand to get your skills back, though. Whether this is the case, or even if you’ve never skated before, why not take some classes? There are several organizations that offer skating classes, and not only in the Retiro, but also in other locations such as Madrid Río. Some of these organizations are Impulso Urbano, Clases de Patinaje Madrid, Roller Madrid and Roller School. Although prices vary somewhat, there is currently an offer on Atrápalo where you can get two hours of class for just ten euros. In addition to regular skating classes, there are also classes offered in roller dance, roller hockey, and slalom. Take a look and see what looks interesting.

Skating in Madrid


Get Some Skates in Madrid

Before you’re able to get (back) into skating, you’ll of course, have to pick up some skates. Where can you get a decent pair? How much will you have to spend? What most people would do is pick up the cheapest pair at a large sporting goods store. A pair of skates as such run about fifty euros, but according to Impulso Urbano, these are not sufficient even for a beginner. Instead, they recommend visiting a specialty shop, such as SeRueda or In-Gravity. At such a shop, spending around eighty euros will land you a legitimate pair of skates adequate for getting started.


Get Moving!

What are you waiting for? The springtime is almost here, and before you know it, the summer will have arrived. So get moving and get active, skating being an excellent option to stay in shape while enjoying the company of others and being outside. Time to lace up!