When you think of skiing, what are the first places that come to mind? Aspen? Jackson Hole? The Alps? But what about Spain? Most people are unaware of the fact that Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe and as a result has excellent skiing. Of course, everyone is familiar with the country’s mild climate on the coast and sandy beaches, but few know about the possibility of skiing in the Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada during the winter and even spring months of the year. So, when you make it to Spain, be sure to plan a ski trip, even if you only manage to go to the Sierra de Madrid. Wherever you go, you’ll definitely need the appropriate ski vocabulary, so here you are:


Skiing Vocabulary in Spanish


Ski clothes & equipment

to ski/skiing — esquiar

skis — esquís

ski tip — espátula

ski binding — fijación del esquí

edge (of skis) — canto

ski boots — botas de esquiar

ski poles — bastones/palos de esquí

ski goggles — gafas de esquiar

helmet — casco

ski gloves — guantes de esquiar

ski hat — gorro de esquiar

ski pants — pantalón de esquí

ski jacket — chaqueta de esquí


Hitting the Slopes in Spain

ski area/resort — estación de esquí

ski rental — alquiler de esquís

lift ticket — forfait

ski slope — pista de esquí

ski instructor — monitor(a) de esquí

alpine/downhill skiing — esquí alpino

cross-country skiing — esquí de fondo/nórdico

mountain skiing — esquí de travesía

slalom — eslalon

mogul — bañera/bache

chairlift — telesilla

J-bar/T-bar lift — telesquí

gondola — telecabina

ski patrol — patrullas de esquí


Get to it!!

Now that you’ve got an idea about some of the vocabulary you’ll need, there’s no excuse not to plan a trip to the mountains. If you need gear, just take a trip to Decathlon and get stocked up — remember the sales are still going, so you can get your outfit and equipment inexpensively. Get to it — the winter won’t last forever!!