Study Spanish in Spain — seems like a logical choice, right? Without a doubt Spain is an excellent place to be if you’re interested in acquiring or improving your language skills. So just head anywhere in the country and get started, right? Not so fast. You may not be aware of it, but there are four official languages at the federal level in Spain; in addition to what we know as Spanish, which is also referred to as Castilian (castellano), there are three other nationally-recognized languages: catalán, euskera, and gallego. There are also other dialects, such as valenciano, bable and estremeñu.

Thus, when choosing where to go in Spain to study Spanish, you may find that some parts of the country are better choices than others. A great many students choose either Madrid or Barcelona due to their being the two largest cities in the country. Madrid is certainly an excellent choice, but some may be discouraged by the size of the city, its relatively urban landscape, and/or its cold winters. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, but due to the fact that its inhabitants speak catalán, it may not be the ideal place to learn Spanish. So where then?

Playa de Alicante


Alicante, the city in the coast

If what you’re looking for is a medium-sized city with a mild climate where Spanish is spoken, then look no further than Alicante. Located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, this city of about 335.000 inhabitants is the ideal place to mix learning Spanish with time at the beach. Boasting a very mild climate, high temperatures range from the low 60s in January to the upper 80s in July and August. In addition to the beach and good weather, Alicante has a number of festivals throughout the year that are worth experiencing. Among these celebrations are Hogueras de San Juan, Carnival, Holy Week, Moros y Cristianos and Romería a la Santa Faz. With so much going on throughout the year, you’ll also have the opportunity to improve your cultural knowledge as well.


Study with Estudio Sampere

In the year 2000, Estudio Sampere opened a Spanish academy right in the center of Alicante (c/Médico Pascual Pérez, 3). It’s here where you have the opportunity to receive quality Spanish language instruction while enjoying all that the city has to offer. The Alicante facility is housed on two floors of a newly-built three-story building, containing five air-conditioned classrooms, as well as a library, video room, and common area. The school also has free Wi-Fi, as well as computers available for students. Located right across from the Teatro Principal, it is within five minutes’ walking distance from Playa de Postiguet and El Mercado Central de Alicante.

Sampere AlicanteA number of courses are offered at the Alicante school, including intensive courses, private classes, DELE preparation courses, and special programs for senior citizens. Group courses consist of 20 lessons per week of instruction, with the option of additional private classes on top of that. The levels offered for the group courses are from Elementary (A1) to Upper-Intermediate (B2); private classes are available for all levels. Class sizes are small, usually ranging from 6-8 students, with an absolute maximum number of nine students per class. Students who already have some knowledge of the Spanish language can begin an intensive course any Monday.

In addition to time in the classroom, Estudio Sampere also provides extra cultural classes, as well as guided tours to museums and archaeological sites, among others. Day trips are also organized to nearby places and cities, such as Tabarca Island, Altea, Elche, and Murcia, and gastronomical tours and nightlife activities are also made available to students.

If you’re interested in studying Spanish in a medium-sized city on the Mediterranean coast, Alicante is the place for you. Don’t wait any longer — sign up for classes with Estudio Sampere today!